Designed with you in mind

Simple, clever tools that allow you to manage complex conferences and events. We understand how events are managed in large corporations.

Built in Bliss


We pride ourselves on our agency heritage and seek to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction. We're here to support you from helping you set up an event website, to importing a list of guests for invitation all the way through to preparing an unlimited amount of reports.


Our software is born from a passion of User Experience. We will criticise a cheeseburger if the UX isn't perfect and we judge our own creations even harsher. Eventogy is tested for UX imperfections almost daily to ensure it remains easy to use whilst being a delightful experience. Our goal is to ensure a 12 year old can use our system.


Our clients demand the highest levels of standards in security. Our software is tested independently by accredited firms and professionals to ensure both the application and our network infrastructure is secure of any compromises. We are frequently benchmarked by our clients. We are working steadily towards ISO 27001 certification which will provide even more assurances to that effect.


Don't work harder, work smarter. Eventogy takes the effort from all your daily tasks. Clever geotagging will check people in. Flight APIs pull in critical data so you don't have to, error checking even misspelt email addresses in invitation lists to give you clear, rapid remediation options for correcting any import errors. If we can implement time saving tech, we will do it. Look out for in-built name badge printing coming soon.


Every client has specific and unique requirements which dictates a level of customisation that only Eventogy can afford. From specific layout requirements, to reordering of your workflow, you can rest assured knowing you don't have to shoehorn your business into a rigid, software environment - the product works around you.


A great event requires a great team. Eventogy provides administration tools with individual permissions and carefully crafted workflow streams to help you manage them whilst giving you tools to accurately monitor every single action of both your editors and users.


Eventogy is a Software as a Service platform with a fixed, no surprise cost model. Unlike other events software, we don't hide our pricing. We take care of all the technical maintenance and continue to improve the product with amazing new features and technology whilst you benefit from product updates at no extra cost.


Eventogy is responsible with data. We log every action performed against your sensitive client information to ensure full accountability and transparency and to satisfy internal and external compliance requirements. Our data is managed according to EU and UK data laws, amongst the most strict in the world.


Ensure that your event websites meet the exact demands of your internal brand and compliance teams. Our in-house agency designers will ensure that your events websites follow your corporate guidelines to perfection, giving attendees the assurances that they are using a trusted, recognised platform.